Elyrian Brewmasters Guild 
A guild created for BrewMasters and independent traders of brew. Its seat in Kingdom of Zygethia, in the County of Zyganthia's capital Darkwater.
Recruitment link: On the Elyrian Forum: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/Guild-Recruitmet/7759-EU-Brewmasters-Guild 

Although the guild's mainstay had a focus on BrewMasters for many years, we now provide support for skillfull masters of other crafts. We also support  contingents of guards to protect and defend locations, properties and more. With our new leader at the helm we will be more diverse, making business safe and prosperous. We wil work to become more known then ever before and we welcome all new members in our ranks. 
The Guild headquarter is located in Darkwater, in the Courtly Jester Inn. Conviniently located near the King's Manor with sufficient protection to for royalty.
In the lower floor backroom there is space to play some games and in the upper backroom room is a space to do business.

Leader of the Brewmaster Guild also known as the First Member or 'First', is Count Tecktonius Kassigarh.
The First is the ruler of Esparion County.  

Sir Tecktonius Kassigarh is also the creator and producer of Zygethian Darkwater Stout, sometimes referred to as the Silver Stout, due to its shimmering silvery color. It is sold in the Courtly Jester Inn, a renown establishment in Darkwater, a city near the Darkwater Falls at the Chrystal Lake in the magnificient Kingdom of Zygethia, ruled by the wise and benevolent King Zultra I

The Courtly Jester Inn has it's own Discord Channel in the Brewmasters Discord, feel free to drop in.

If you have created something as Brewmaster feel free to PM me on discord and we will work out an advert for it :). The brewmasters Guild is mainly for BrewMasters, but solely commited to them. WeaponsMasters, ArmorMasters are welcome as well.
Why join?
We solve disputes, make advertisment and set up save trade routes, find the right brew and we exchange regular recipes. In our taverns we will work to provide save business agreements. Scribes for contracts on-site. Check the boards for transports, guards and merceneries.
Currently the details about joining, membership and effectiveness is unsure: http://chroniclesofelyria.gamepedia.com/Organisations 
Running other operations under the banner of the BrewMaster Guild will be possible. The guild will follow the rules set by the Kingdom of Zygethia. (https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/Guild-Recruitmet/5616-EU-Zygethian-Trade-Alliance)

Job Opportunities

There are a few job opportunities:

Courtly Jester Inn
Currently The Courtly Jester Inn is looking for talented people to play music male and femal singers minstrels and artists apply to Stiro in the upper room on the left side. There are also openings for a bartender and a barmaiden, a cook and a bouncer.

Royal Kings Manor
There are a few openings for guards at the Royal Kings Manor and a position for a noble to be Master at Arms (city official)

Black Coats
Currently no openings on the Blackwater's Elite Guards, called the Black Coats. To become a member you have to prove your worth and find a mentor.

The capital has also openings for weaponsmaster and armormaster, a herbalist and magic users.

Count Tecktonius Kassigarh will make sure the county will provide good sleeping quarters, 3 free meals a day and regular training as well as regular payment and low taxes.